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We are facing unprecedented times. At Autumn Smile Dental, we are prepared for our patients’ continuing dental care with the utmost focus on safety and peace of mind. Our doctors and staff must wear masks and other personal protective equipments at all times. Patients are sent our COVID-19 form before their appointments. Touchless temperature readings are taken for all employees and patients. Patients are asked to wash their hands and rinse with 1% hydrogen peroxide mouthwash before and after treatment. Treatment rooms are thoroughly disinfected after every patient. Physical barriers are in place to protect both our staff and our patients. 6 feet physical distancing is maintained in the reception area. UV C filters are placed throughout the clinic, and at the end of each day, our clinic is decontaminated by UV light and ozone sterilization. At Autumn Smile Dental, we are prepared to ensure that our patients continue to receive excellent dental care with added peace of mind.

Welcome to Autumn Smile Dental

At Autumn Smile Dental, we are committed to providing our patients with an exceptional experience at every dental visit.

We invite you to come see our world class facility. We utilize the latest advancements in dental technology and amenities in providing our patients with the greatest comfort, long lasting restorations, and the most beautiful smiles.

Come in to have a conversation with our doctors about your oral health. Our doctors graduated from the most prestigious schools - NYU, UCSF, and UCLA School of Dentistry.

With decades of combined experience, we offer comprehensive services in cosmetic dentistry, children dentistry, orthodontics, wisdom teeth extraction, root canal therapy, implants, crown and bridge restorations, and emergency care.

Our mission at Autumn Smile Dental is to deliver the highest quality dentistry to make you fall in love with your smile.

Come in today for a consultation.

At Autumn Smile Dental, we are committed to providing our patients with an exceptional experience at every dental visit. We invite you to come see our world class facility. We utilize the latest advancements in dental technology and amenities in providing our patients with the greatest comfort, long lasting restorations, and the most beautiful smiles. Come in to have a conversation with our doctors about your oral health. Our doctors graduated from the most prestigious schools - NYU, UCSF, and UCLA School of Dentistry. With decades of combined experience, we offer comprehensive services in cosmetic dentistry, children dentistry, orthodontics, wisdom teeth extraction, root canal therapy, implants, crown and bridge restorations, and emergency care. Our mission at Autumn Smile Dental is to deliver the highest quality dentistry to make you fall in love with your smile.

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Meet Our Doctors and Staff

With over 40 years of combined experience in delivering exceptional smiles

Dr. Calvin Nguyen, DDS


Dr. Toai Nguyen, DDS


Dr. Justin Nguyen, DDS


Dr. Clayton Tran, DDS


Hallie Nguyen, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Hien Tran, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Emma Nguyen

Patient Care Coordinator

Elaine Luu

Patient Care Coordinator

Hanh Lam

Patient Care Coordinator

Silvia Florian, DA

Patient Care Coordinator

Jennifer Chacon, DA

Dental Assistant

Trang Pham, DA

Dental Assistant

Chau Nguyen, DA

Dental Assistant

Crystal Valerio, DA

Dental Assistant

Thao Tran, DA

Dental Assistant

What Our Patients Say About Us

Wow, as a new San Jose resident, my procrastination in regards to finding a dentist in the area had gone on way too long (there are so many options), but this dentist visit was, by far, the best experience I’ve ever had! The office is immaculate and the staff is professional and friendly. I even got to watch 4 episodes of Portlandia on Netflix during my cleaning. Also, this is an ethical business, and I left there feeling as though I could trust the Dr. Toai Nguyen for all of my future dental needs. I’m grateful a colleague referred me to Autumn Smile Dental!

Lesel M. San Jose

I just pulled out my wisdom tooth and hands down the best dentist I have ever been too. Amazing hygiene, super friendly and nice staff. They made sure everything goes smooth. I did not feel pain at all. Best dentist experience I ever had.

Sarvenaz H. Modesto

The staff are extremely polite and kind. It’s actually a legit place representing “netflix and chill”. They give you sunglasses to block the shine of light to your eyes and give you a meticulous treatment everytime you set an appointment with them.

Wilson T. San Francisco

Super amazing service. They truly care about their patients. It makes me so excited to get the left side pulled and be DONE with wisdom teeth for the rest of my life. Thank you so much Dr. Calvin & his team!! Autumn Smile Dental is the BEST office I’ve ever been to, and I highly, highly recommend it.

Tina N. San Jose

I am always scared of visiting dentist. And that’s why I did take my wisdom teeth right when they just grew. It started hurting me and I could not deal with it anymore. I went to Autumn Smile to took 2 of them out first. The office is super clean and nice. They have apple Tv with Netflix so you can relax. It is a whole grand new office. Everyone was no nice and professional.

Misu L. San Jose

This dental office is a gem!! I’ve always had a low tolerance for pain and hated the dentist, where I would see big, sharp, metal objects going into my mouth. I’ve only had Dr. Toai, but he is wonderful! Super gentle and informative for all procedures.

Nicole S. San Jose

I have visited Dr. Toai Nguyen for teeth cleaning on a couple occasions now and have to say he’s definitely the best dentist I’ve ever been to! I am very impressed with his thoroughness, hospitality, and caring attitude, every single time I’ve been there. The impression I get right away is that he is very passionate about what he does and I can definitely appreciate that.

Tony S. San Jose

Amazing place ! Super nice friendly people. Dr. Calvin Nguyen is so gentle. I had my wisdom teeth removed and had no pain. I didn’t even have to take pain meds. I didn’t have a sitter so I took my 4 year old brother with me and they helped me watch. They put on shows for him and provided him with toys to play with. This type of service is rare. I’ve recommend Autumn Smile dental to everyone I know.

Silvia V. San Jose

Dr. Calvin and his staff are very welcoming and friendly!! ^-^ I have been a patient here for over a year and I can definitely say that this is the best office that I have ever been to. All of the other offices that I have went to, have only cared about the money and not my teeth. I always left with extreme pain in my gums from all the poking. Whereas here, I do not feel a slight bit of pain and I am actually able to enjoy the movies comfortably.

Jasmine M. San Jose

My best dental experience ever. The place is very clean and open. Dr. Nguyen and Catelyn were extremely friendly. The staff was willing to work with me even though I did not have insurance. They have a tv available to watch shows as I get my dental work done. I would not recommend comedy because I started to giggle during the dental procedure. This is ridiculous because I never expect to be writing a review about how much fun I had at my dentist.

Henry L. San Jose

Another satisfied patient. Extremely professional staff and Dr. Nguyen made me feel very comfortable despite my anxiety. Highly recommend!!

Brian Y. Ormond

This is hands down, the most welcoming dental office I’ve ever set foot in. I came here to extract my wisdom teeth, and the process was so simple and efficient. The actual procedure was extremely professional, and there was very little pain while my teeth were being extracted. The entire team at Autumn Smile always have smiles on their faces and are ready to help you with what you need. Dr. Nguyen is definitely a dentist that I would recommend my friends and family to.

Manh N. San Jose

I recommend Dr. Calvin Nguyen for your dental needs. The facility is very clean, the staff is very kind and makes makes me feel very comfortable. I had all of my wisdom tooth removed by Dr. Calvin and it didn’t hurt one bit. He’s very light handed for a male dentist. I definitely recommend him if you want PAINLESS dentist appointments despite if it’s regular cleaning, wisdom tooth taken out, cavity filling or regular check ups.

Michael M. San Jose

I came here because my teeth were sore and my regular dentist didn’t have any available openings. I’m so glad I called Dr. Nguyn. He responded right away and scheduled me an appointment that fit my schedule. When I got to his office, I was greeted by the front desk person with a warm smile. I filled out paper work and quickly was seated in his work station. Boy oh boy, this place is nice!

Khang N. San Jose

WOW ! Damn amazing place I wouldn’t think such a clean fancy high tech dentist ! Toai is very nice and the spot is beautiful! He’s very professional and really kind. They were able to make time for me even tho I was late but it did t seem like anyone else was waiting on me. The parking and traffic could be a little tricky depending when you go. But it’s very accessible and right off the freeway and much closer than my old dentist in Mountian view! Highly recomenddd!!!!!

TheDips D. Torrance

If you are looking for a beautiful, clean, and friendly dental office, Autumn Smile Dental is the one! The office is way too beautiful for a dental office… Aside from the aesthetics, what really impressed me is the staff. The office receptionist, dental assistant Carmina, and Dr. Nguyen were all so kind and sweet. I am usually terrified of going to the dentist but I felt so at ease here.

Jennifer C. San Jose

I came here and saw Dr. Toai Nguyen for my first time. I can’t say enough good things about this practice. The office is very clean and looks amazing. They have Netflix on the tv and the dental chairs that are very comfortable. I nearly fell asleep. Dr. Nguyen and his staffs are very polite. Dr. Nguyen was very good at explaining things during my visit and did an excellent job on my cleaning. I am actually looking forwarded to my second visit with Dr. Nguyen and possibly catch up on my shows on Netflix.

Ty L. San Jose

I will admit it had been awhile since I had seen a dentist. I had a lot of work that needed to get done. But This was absolutely the best experience I could have gotten. Friendly, welcoming and clean. I recommend them to all my friends and family. I’m definitely going to miss my visits and, I can’t wait for my next cleaning.

Mae M. San Jose

I can here and saw Dr Toai, what an awesome dentist. He was very informative during my visit, the place is modern, and they put Netflix on while you’re getting a cleaning, how awesome is that. Will totally be back for all my dental needs.

Cameron V. San Jose

I’ve been seeing the same dentist for two decades. I decided to check this newer location to see what a modern dentistry practice is like. Boy, what a relief! Low anxiety and Netflix while you’re getting worked on!? Yes please!!

Huy N. San Jose

Out of all the dental offices that I have been to, this has been the only place that I have actually came out happy with my teeth and was also pain-free! Netflix was provided to me when i was waiting for my appointment and also during it, which was a plus 😀 I highly recommend this practice and assure you that you will not leave disappointed!!

Thalia M. San Jose

Ive known dr toai for a long time now. Even before he was a dentist. My honest review? This place is great. Very clean office. Clean instruments. Very organize. Everything looks new. Staff is very friendly. Both doctor are very thorough and knowledgeable. Their scheduling system is client friendly. Everyone is just very polite. I give them an A plus rating.

Jim B. San Jose

I had a fantastic experience here at Autumn smile.

I was spending the weekend in San Jose (from Modesto) with at a bbq with some friends and well, one thing led to another and I run my face into a car. I end up chipping my tooth that night, absolutely crushed and dreaded the thought of having to come into work the next week.

Sean N. San Jose

I’ve had about 8 visits in the past 2 months (wanted to use all my insurance for the year) and I have to let you all know that I’ve never had such pleasant visits. The entire staff knows you in a personal level and make your experience that much better. Even if you are afraid of dentists like me you have to come here.

Luis M. San Jose

This place is awesome, clean, organized, and comfortable. you get to watch netflix while getting your treatment. how cool is that!!! .Dr. Toai Nguyen, explained everything thoroughly and made me aware what he is going to do and what i need to do to keep my teeth clean.
everything here is so professional.
Super easy schedule appointment, you also get a text reminder.

Highly recommend this place.

Bill N. San Leandro

I had a temporary tooth inlay that came out on a Sunday. Caitlyn was very helpful and was able to make room for an emergency visit. Dr. Nguyen was skillful and took his time in replacing the temporary. Lovely clean office and everyone was very friendly. I am grateful to have them as a resource for weekend dental work. Thanks so much!

Katy B. Los Gatos

Wow amazing service. I was down in Cali visiting family and friends when I suddenly developed a tooth ache. The dentist that my mom uses was booked up.

I called in and they were able to get me in the same day! They worked with my insurance and I walked out feeling much better.

The place is very clean and the staff is incredibly welcoming. Highly recommended!

Ira W. Seattle

I have been to see Dr. Nguyen a couple of times. Every time, I feel as though he takes time to explain my treatment. He is so thorough that he even provides treatment options. So far I have had two teeth saved because of his expertise. Thank you Dr. Nguyen.

Kate M. San Jose

I didn’t expect that going to dentistry to feel so pleasant. The moment you walk in you feel the professionalism and warmth of the practice, which is usually not how I feel when I visit my dentist (typically fear of that rogue cavity invasion that launched a rebellion on my planet molar). But when I spoke with Dr. Nguyen and he took the time to explain his philosophy of how he chooses to run his practice. He’s very genuine and take the time to explain the services he offers and that patient care is 1st on the his to-do list. …

PT T. San Jose

Highly recommended Dr Toai Nguyen. I saw him for teeth cleaning and for my cavities. I have to say “Wow! I am very impressed by the decor, the staff/service and Dr Nguyen’s work.

Office is super clean and modern. They play movies during your procedure so that you are not as nervous. Staff is very helpful and proactive. Since my insurance situation is sightly complicated, Caitlyn goes above and beyond to resolve it for me. Last but not least, Dr Nguyen’s work is amazing. …

Carry M. San Francisco

I was surprised to get a timely and friendly reminder to come in a day before my appointment. Although my previous dentists used to send text reminders or even a phone call to remind me of the appointment, it always felt like the front desk was being forced to go through dozens of these calls a day. The front desk at Autumn Smile felt.. different. They were very friendly and professional and got me setup the next day within 5 minutes of filling out the paperwork. …

Vineet C. Milpitas

This review is long overdue. I’ve been seeing Dr Nguyen for 4 years and I can honestly say that I look forward to seeing him, which of course is rarely the case. He makes you feel relaxed and the Netflix, with my own swivel screen, is pretty awesome. The office itself is designed to invite you in and wonder what other modern aesthetics are around. The service by the staff is on point and then some. They even noticed that my birthday was 2 days earlier and offered a belated Happy Birthday. Like I’ve mentioned on other reviews, I only write reviews when I get over the top service. …

Francisco V. San Mateo

I am a new patient Dr. Toai Nguyen. Previously, I never put too much stock into who my dentist was. I always figured that one was a good as the other. Was I ever wrong! Dr. Toai and his staff have completely changed my perspective of how a dentist office should operate. Not that it matters much anymore as I will never move my dental care from this office. IF the day ever comes where I have to look for a new dentist, I will have my work cut out for me. Autumn Smile Dental has completely changed what I should expect from a dental care provider. His office, staff, and care all surpassed my expectations by miles. …

Paul W. Santa Clara

Most people shudder at the thought of going to the dentist, myself included. But after my experience at Autumn Smile, I don’t think I’ll ever have that sentiment again! I went in for a cleaning + teeth whitening treatment and was blown away by my experience here. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Dr. Nguyen: He explained everything thoroughly and made me aware of some of my treatment options, without making me feel rushed to make a decision or anxious about the check up. …

Christine S. San Francisco

I had a great experience at Autumn Smile Dental. Dr. Toai Nguyen is very knowledgeable and pleasant. He takes the time to explain the process and ensures that the patient is always comfortable. In additional to a great dentist, the staff is also great. The staff is attentive and responsive. When you leave a voicemail with questions or to schedule an appointment, they are quick to return your call. Autumn Smile Dental is definitely my new go-to dentist office now.

Nancy T. San Jose

I had my checkup and my teeth cleaned by Dr. Toai in April. The entire staff was very polite, professional, and efficient with time, and I was out of there in about an hour. The office is bright and clean. As for my checkup, I experienced very little discomfort while being examined. I appreciate Dr. Toai taking the time to show and clearly explain the results of my x-rays. I’ll definitely be back in about 6 months.

Roger M. San Jose

Dr Toai Nguyen is one of the most professional dentists I know, with a super friendly team, and state of the art dental technology in their brand new office. I had never been so distracted watching Netflix while getting my teeth cleaned that I wish they cleaned my teeth slower so i can finish watching the episode!! I highly recommend giving Dr Nguyen a try whether it’s for routine check-up/cleaning or more complicated dental issues!

Debby C. Hayward

What a clean and modern dental office. I am impressed with the welcoming decor and appreciate the new/modern technology provided here. From the doctor, to their assistant, I am pleased with their friendliness, hospitality and professionalism. I would recommend this place to my friends and loved ones.

SuShi W. San Jose

This place was very clean and high tech. I was able to pick what to watch while I got my cleaning done. I also really liked the décor and welcoming feeling of the place. The staff was very friendly and courteous. This office is open on the weekends so I liked that I was able to make an appointment without having to take time off from work. Dr. Toai Nguyen is wonderful! He is very thorough and explains everything he is doing. Very polite, professional and knowledgeable. I was very impressed and I would highly recommend Dr. Toai Nguyen.

JeSs N. San Jose

I see Dr. Toai Nguyen here and i’ll admit, I haven’t been to the dentist in a couple years. My last doctor was great, but Dr. Toai is better! Very professional, gentle and definitely knows what he is doing. He explains what he will be doing BEFORE he does it. You know exactly what’s going in with your teeth and what treatments you will need. Best of all, I don’t have to take any time off work because they’re open on the weekends! …

Jenn L. San Jose

Dr. Nguyen has a gentle touch. He was gentle on my gum and teeth but tough on the plaque. Carmina, the super Dental Assistant, kept me from drowning in water and saliva while her polishing finish made my teeth glisten. Quick and friendly service under an hour–done before I could finish watching “Legally Blonde 2” on Netflix.

Caitlyn M. San Jose

I’ve always loved coming to the dentist ever since I was a little girl…I just love having clean and beautiful teeth. I’m pretty simple when it comes to dental offices…as long as my teeth come out nice then I’m a happy camper. After moving from LA to SJ, I came here by recommendation and I swear, I never knew how classy a dental office could be! …

Kim W. San Jose

Excellent customer service and dental care! As a working professional, I truly appreciate their operation hours during the weekend which makes it extremely to get an appointment and fits perfectly in my busy life. The location was easy to get to and there’s plenty of parking which makes it very accessible. Upon entering the office, I’m greeted with a warm welcome by my first name which is much appreciated. Since it was my first time there, I had to fill out some of the initial paperwork which was all laid out. The process took less than 5 mins. …

Trinh N. San Jose

Dr. Nguyen is great! Good service and a gentle hand! I usually hate going to the dentist but I felt comfortable here. THANK GOODNESS for the tv that let me be distracted from the drill and his technique wasn’t rough at all when I got a cavity filled (insert joke). But seriously, it’s a new office with BRAND NEW technology and EXCELLENT staff. Pricing was completely fair, not like my previous doc who charged me a lot and kept up-selling me stuff. DR. T has good bedside manner and is HONEST. I felt like FAMILY and will be coming here for my future appointments. …

Linda T. Oakland

Was referred to Dr. Nguyen by a good friend. Came here for a routine check up and Dr. Nguyen was great. My old dentist used to be very rough, but Dr. Nguyen was very careful to make sure I was comfortable. The office is immaculate! Loved the decor and felt very welcoming. I highly recommend to my family and friends if they are looking for a new dentist! I will be using Dr. Nguyen as long as I am still in the San Jose area.

Tu T. Los Angeles

Dr Nguyen has took care of my dental issue since my first time of seeing dentist. He does good and professional job. He always gives me the best advices for my problem. Dr Nguyen never tries to make money on patients. Good and fair price, the costs are lower than my previous dental care. I used to affair of seeing dentist (the drill, injection needle, and stone sounds bring me pressure), but when i came here for the first time, the staffs make me feel familiar and comfortable. …

Trinh P. Milpitas

Dr. Toai Nguyen was a pleasure to work with as was his assistant Carmina (Hope I spelled that right). After 3 sessions, all my fillings were changed to the white composite from the silver amalgam. They worked with my insurance without any issues and I know that I’ll be referring as much business to them as possible. BEST PART: THEY ARE OPEN ON WEEKENDS!!! So awesome that I don’t have to request time off for my dental visits!

Keep up the great work! …

Tom B. San Jose

I highly recommend dr Nguyen. Very gentle when remove my wisdom tooth and explains clearly about pre and post instructions of the procedure.

Lynn H. San Jose

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